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Tips On Keeping Your Basement Dry

The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates 60 percent of U.S. homes have wet basements. Wet basements may be a common problem, but that doesn’t mean the problem isn’t serious. Left untreated, water surrounding or seeping into your basement can cause structural damage.

If you are looking for a few tips on keeping your basement dry before contacting B-Level, grab an umbrella and take a walk around your house during a moderate to heavy rain.  You’d be surprised what you might see when it’s raining that you didn’t know about when it’s dry out!

Here are a few things to look for during your walk:

  • Look at the gutters and ensure they aren’t leaking or overflowing onto the ground.
  • Look at the downspouts to ensure that the water from your gutters flow to the ground without leaking.
  • Look at the downspout pipes, or buried downspout laterals in your yard, to ensure water flows properly to an outlet.
  • Look at the grading of your yard to ensure water flows away from the home.
  • Look at your concrete patio, sidewalks, porch, and driveway to ensure water is being carried away from the house.
  • Look under your wood deck to confirm the ground is sloped away from the house
  • Look at your sump pump to make sure it works and the float is set properly inside the basin
  • Look at your sump pump discharge to ensure it hasn’t become disconnected and carries water away like it should.

If after checking these items you are still getting water in your basement, we can help! We never offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Contact our office today to set up your free quote!

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