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There are a number of factors that put stress on your foundation. Unfortunately, most of them are out of your control. That puts stress on you. Give us a call today. We will be happy to apply our experience of over 20 years and 12,000+ jobs completed to your home’s unique needs. We know your home is your most prized possession and no one should have to live in fear of foundation damage signs.

Choosing the right option for your foundation repair is critical for long-term success. Whether your foundation is sinking or your basement walls are bowing, B-Level will find the best solution for your specific situation. Our team works closely with engineers to customize projects that meet our customer’s needs. B-Level specializes in the installation of helical piles, carbon fiber straps, and steel beams.


Helical Piles, Driven Piles and Pre-Construction Piles

Helical piles are like giant, steel screws used to support structures from sinking. You might’ve also heard them referred to as helix piers, screw piles, or torque anchors. The piles are driven into the ground much like a drill drives a screw into a piece of wood. Helical piles are used in several residential and commercial construction applications, including:

  • Foundation Stabilization
  • Basement walls
  • Porches
  • Crawlspace Foundations
  • Retaining walls

A driven pile, or push pile, is a steel shaft that provides foundation support for several types of structures. Ram Jack steel piles are used to transfer loads near the ground’s surface to deeper, load-bearing levels below. The piles are made of high-strength carbon steel tubing and are hydraulically driven into place using special equipment. These piles are most often used to underpin distressed, or settling foundations, on homes and commercial buildings. The steel is specially coated to avoid corrosion.

Used instead of concrete pilings, helicals need minimal machinery to place and can be done in tighter spaces. Unlike concrete, helical piers can be installed in any weather and can be loaded right away, instead of waiting on concrete to cure.

Pre-construction piles are easy and cost-effective to install. They can increase the value of a new home or building by preventing settlement or heaving before it even starts! By monitoring hydraulic pressure, these piles are load-tested as they’re put into place. The capacity of each pile is accurately measured using installation torque and can be installed in any weather.


Carbon Fiber

B-level uses carbon fiber as a popular alternative to steel beams for reinforcing structural walls in homes or businesses. Carbon fiber is the strongest solution on the market because it ties to the foundation base and the house framing.

We fasten the material to the base of the wall using a galvanized bracket and secure it to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. Because carbon fiber is secured to the foundation wall, it allows even distribution of outside pressure.

With carbon fiber, it’s a clean and fast installation! There’s no digging into the yard and the final finish is smooth, flat and can easily be painted over for a seamless look. Here’s a closer look at the Advantages of Carbon Fiber:

  • Cost-effective
  • Nonobstructive, lays flat to the wall
  • The inclusion of Kevlar provides additional strength
  • The grid is fully encapsulated in epoxy, anchoring it in place
  • Able to conform to bowed walls
  • Can be painted for a smooth, clean look
  • Quick installation
  • Plumbing, electric, and other ceiling obstructions can oftentimes be avoided
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty


Steel Beams

Another way to add strength to failing foundations is steel beams. B-Level uses a primer-finished, W4x13 steel beam. Our team fills gaps behind the beams with hydraulic cement, open cracks in the walls are tuck-pointed, beams are cemented into the floor, and the steel is fastened to the home.

    Steel Beam Advantages

  • Cost-effective
  • Engineer approved
  • Most commonly accepted form of wall reinforcement
  • Proven history
  • Prevents shearing, tilting and bowing
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • B-Level does not believe in high-pressure sales tactics and will work with licensed engineers in your area to get the job done right.


A home is only as good as its foundation but over time, settling, weather, and time itself cause foundations to shift, crack, buckle, and bow. All of these problems weaken the strength of your home’s foundation and can cause expensive repairs down the road. B-Level is the leading Columbus foundation repair company. We offer free quotes to all homeowners and property managers. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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