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Our displayed service area is not definitive and indicates the general vicinity of which we do business. B-Level reserves the right to accept a job if it is in a reasonable distance from our headquarters located in Baltimore, OH.

Preconstructions Piers
Preconstructions Piers

Service Overview

  • Foundation Repair
  • Tilt walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Basement walls
  • Both lightweight structures as well as industrial use
  • Porches
  • Pier and beam homes
  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Turbines
  • Bridges

Used in place of concrete pilings, helicals require minimal machinery for installation and can be done in tighter spaces. The torqueing action of installation does not leave spoils. Helical piers can be installed in just about any weather and can be loaded immediately upon install without waiting on concrete to cure.
Helical Piles

Driven Piles

A driven pile, or push pier, is a steel shaft that provides foundation support for various types of structures. Ram Jack steel piers are used to transfer loads from the soil near the surface to deeper, more suitable load-bearing strata below. The piers are hydraulically driven using a variety of special equipment. The piles are manufactured from high strength carbon steel tubing into standard lengths of 3, 5, and 7 feet with couplings on the ends to allow them to be connected together to achieve the necessary depth. Ram Jack steel piers are typically used in conjunction with various foundation attachment brackets to underpin foundations of existing structures. They are most often used to underpin distressed, or settling foundations, on residential homes and commercial structures. Each pile section is coated with a polyethylene copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating for corrosion protection.

Preconstruction Piles

Pre-construction piles, or piers, help increase the value of a new home or building by installing them during construction, preventing downward settlement or heaving before it starts. By monitoring hydraulic pressure, piles are load tested as they are installed. Pre-construction piles are easy and cost-effective to install. The capacity of each pile is accurately measured using installation torque and can be installed under any weather condition. Helical piles are a good option when an addition to an existing structure is desired. The field work for a typical house can be done in 1-2 days.

Preconstruction Piles

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