Sump Pump Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Columbus

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

When Columbus, Ohio’s inclement weather acts up in rainy or snowy seasons, a sump pump can protect against flooding in your basement or crawl space. A pump installed in a pit redirects water away from the building’s foundation. It’s recommended to install sump pumps only after addressing all outdoor drainage issues first. Sump pumps are needed if water keeps entering the basement despite outdoor fixes.

For over 25 years, we’ve sent our experienced crew to handle sump pump installations. We’re insured, certified, and licensed to deliver basement waterproofing solutions like sump pump services in Columbus.


Signs You Need to Replace or Install a New Sump Pump

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Water pooling in your basement can be the most obvious sign your sump pump may have failed.

If your pump is not emitting humming or vibrating noises when it should be running, like when it’s raining heavily, it could indicate an electrical problem.

Some sump pumps have an alarm that conveniently alerts you if there’s a malfunction or high water level in the pit.

If your pump is over 10 years old, you’re overdue for installing a new sump pump.

A professional can help you determine if you may need to repair a broken discharge line, add a freeze guard outside the house, or even install a second pump, inverter, or battery backup when you contact B-Level, Ltd.

Hiring the Trusted Source for Columbus Sump Pump Installation

Our sump pumps come with a 5-year parts warranty. We primarily install 3⁄4 HP stainless steel submersible pumps assembled in the USA, which come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Compared to pedestal pumps, submersible pumps allow room for a backup pump, operate quietly, take up little space, and provide easier sump pit access compared to pedestal pumps. If you need additional accessories like battery backups and freeze guards, they’re available for an added cost.

Advantages of Scheduling Our Professional & Certified Sump Pump Services

From the moment you reach out to B-level for Columbus sump pump installation services to when your sump pump work is complete, you’ll be met with satisfying customer service and reliable workmanship.

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