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Exterior Waterproofing: Columbus, OH

Exterior Waterproofing


After many years of a wet basement that was progressively getting worse, a homeowner in Columbus, OH was concerned with flooding and damage to their personal items stored in their basement. They also started noticing signs of mold and knew they needed to act fast. As a previous client of B-Level, Ltd., they knew we were the ones to help them resolve their basement issues once and for all.

After a thorough evaluation of the basement, our project manager recommended a full exterior waterproofing system be installed to keep moisture from ever entering again.


The entire perimeter of the house was carefully excavated down to the footer. They scarified the cinder blocks so they would have a clean surface for the waterproofing membranes and tuck-pointed the cracks that had developed over time.

A 3-part waterproofing membrane, an exterior perimeter footer drain and a ¾ hp sump pump were all installed. We back filled with gravel to reduce the effects of the expansive clay soils and routed all the downspouts into a single drain (to discharge at the curb) to be sure water was getting away from the house properly. Our last step was to bring in topsoil to allow proper grading away from the house.

The homeowner was extremely pleased with the work performed and no longer has to worry about dealing with a wet basement!

Project Overview:

Project Manager: Butch Storts
Foreman: Dakota Vance-Hoy
Products Used: System Platon

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