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    Carbon Fiber Straps: Columbus, OH

    Challenge: A customer in Columbus, OH recently purchased a home with an outdated basement that they wanted to makeover. During the demo process, visible horizontal and stair-step cracks in the block wall foundation were exposed. Worried about their basement walls and wanting to save the structural integrity of their home, they contacted B-Level. Solution: To

    • January


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    Fairfield County Municipal Courthouse: Lancaster, OH

    Challenge: In the city of Lancaster, Ohio, the Fairfield County Municipal Courthouse has been standing since the 1800s. With planned renovations as well as new additions to the structure, the experts at B-Level, LTD. were called in to assist on the underpinning of the foundation. The three-story structure had a foundation sitting on sandstone with

    • June


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    Wall Push: Baltimore, OH

    Challenge: A homeowner in Baltimore, OH noticed their basement wall was shifting. After looking further into their problem, they realized a utility company drilled a new utility line through an existing storm drain.  Because this went unnoticed for quite some time, the pressure from the excess water eventually forced the entire wall to shift inwards

    • March


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    Exterior Waterproofing: Columbus, OH

    Challenge: After many years of a wet basement that was progressively getting worse, a homeowner in Columbus, OH was concerned with flooding and damage to their personal items stored in their basement. They also started noticing signs of mold and knew they needed to act fast. As a previous client of B-Level, Ltd., they knew

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