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Wall Push: Baltimore, OH


A homeowner in Baltimore, OH noticed their basement wall was shifting. After looking further into their problem, they realized a utility company drilled a new utility line through an existing storm drain.  Because this went unnoticed for quite some time, the pressure from the excess water eventually forced the entire wall to shift inwards 3 inches off of the footer.


B-Level temporarily braced the wall so the exterior could be excavated. Once the area was excavated, the crew used shoring equipment to apply pressure at the sheer point to slowly push the wall allowing us to achieve maximum practical recovery. When the wall achieved the maximum practical recovery, we were able to install six W4 x 13 steel beams every 48 inches to stabilize the wall. We also installed a 3-part waterproofing system and a ¾ hp sump system. To finish up, we back filled the excavated area with gravel to eliminate the possibility of hydrostatic pressures on the wall caused by expansive clay soils.


The homeowner was grateful we were able to save his wall and prevent him from ever having to deal with these issues again in the future!


Project Overview:

Project Manager: Butch Storts
Foreman: Dakota Vance-Hoy
Products Used: System Platon, W4 x 13 Steel Beams, Pitboss Sump System

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