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Carbon Fiber Straps: Columbus, OH


A customer in Columbus, OH recently purchased a home with an outdated basement that they wanted to makeover. During the demo process, visible horizontal and stair-step cracks in the block wall foundation were exposed. Worried about their basement walls and wanting to save the structural integrity of their home, they contacted B-Level.


To arrest any further movement on the foundation wall, B-Level installed 12 carbon fiber straps. First, the cracks in the mortar joints of our work area were filled (tuckpointed).  After the carbon fiber strap locations were determined by the Foreman, the width of the straps were taped off to provide a uniform area for the walls to be ground down to bare block. Next, an area of approximately 12 inches by 12 inches in the concrete slab was removed so the strap could be embedded into the actual footing rather than the concrete slab floor. The first coat of epoxy was then applied at the strap location. The strap and steel harness were attached to the sill plate and then the strap was attached to the footing. A second coat of epoxy was evenly coated over the entire strap and new concrete was put back where it was originally removed.

Project Overview:

Project Manager: Butch Storts

Foreman: Dakota Vance-Hoy

Products Used: Rhino Unilateral Carbon Fiber Straps

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