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Sump Pumps and Battery Backup Systems

A sump pump’s main job is to help prevent flooding and keep your basement dry. The pump collects water in a basin, or pit, and then moves the water away from the structure. Most sump pumps turn on automatically due to a pressure sensor or float activator in the system. As the sump pit fills with water, the sump pump will turn on and begin removing excess water to prevent flooding.

B-Level uses a stainless-steel sump pump. It is a ¾ horsepower, submersible sump pump featuring cast iron and stainless-steel construction with an energy-efficient 5-amp motor. It can discharge 3480 gallons per hour. The top suction design eliminates clogging and air- locking and it includes float switch tested and rated to one million cycles.

If your primary pump stops working, water could overflow the sump pit and then flood your basement. To prevent this from happening, you can have a battery backup system installed. A battery backup system provides you with a sense of security during prolonged power outages or if the power is cut off to your primary sump pump for any reason.

Sump system fully installed.

B-Level offers the only battery backup system that can automatically monitor and test your primary pump, backup sump pump, and battery status 24 hours a day.  Our battery backup is WiFi enabled and can provide you with FREE updates and alerts on your smart phone, tablet or computer. By simply downloading an app to your device you can receive more defined notifications, access to FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and real time pump performance data.

Installing a sump pump or a battery backup system is a big step towards preventing flooding or water damage in your home. If you don’t already have one, or you are looking to put in a new one, B-Level can help! Contact our office today and we can set up an appointment with one of our experienced team members to come assess your needs!

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